Monthly Archives: August 2015

August 9-15 Fluke picks up

Richy Splash did it again, got slow fluke fishing, except for Zeke, but his crew hooked a big Thresher shark that was hooked on the Fluke rod and stayed tight for almost a hour before breaking off. HIgh Stick Robb got the first Cod of the year, Bob Steady Centamore did very well once again despite Big Fish Al’s dead hands. Zempe  boxed his crew limit and Steve took home the money with a fluke at 6lbs.DSC05975DSC05980

July 26 July 31 Fluke

High Stick Robby did it again with good numbers of nice size FLuke, followed by a few slow trips and a very good trip once again with Bob Steady Centamore, anchored by Tom the Hitman. Weather is playing a very strong role in where and how we can fish.DSC05978

July 19, July 20 All Fluke

Start the week with Richy Splash and his crew. No wind, no tide meant slow fishing. Mike and his crew got into the very same the next day,Dick Leathery fished with his crew the and did quite well in the middle of the week. Zemp did well and High stick Robby Finished the week out with very good numbers of keepersDSC05961DSC05967.

July 12-July 18 Fluke

Mother nature is killing it, high winds forced the cancellation of a few trips. Bob Steady Centamore set the bar high with a killer fluke trip.other then that it was slow due to the weather. Rich Porteuse got into great action ,but only a few keepers with his family.DSC05943DSC05959

June 21-June 30 2015 Bass end

Not sad to see this come to my end. Start Fluke in a few days. Weather killed the last week for me, when we got out it was either very good or very tough to catch a few fish. We mixed in Sea bass, some ling trips and a early season Fluke trip that put some decent white meat in the boat.

May 31-June 6 2015 Bass Big Bass!!!

Fishing continued on its up and down depending on the day. Mix in the weather and its a real crap shoot. One day your fishing here using live bunker, then the next day your fishing spoons in another spot. The end of the week wee boated some real good fish with Ricky bringing the scales down to 46 lbs on Friday, and Pee Wee hooking and landing the largest bass to date at 56lbs weighed in at Twin Lights Marina .DSC05858DSC05869