Monthly Archives: November 2015

Nov 8 2015 Uncle Mark

A real treat on this trip, Uncle Mark who has gone 2073 trips without getting skunked along with his brother in law Steve, nephew Steven, and friend Joe were on the boat. Missing was brother in law Bill (wife would not let him go, too cold, and reeling in fish is to much like work) and baby Mark, (couldn’t find fleece lined latex gloves). It didn’t take long for the fish to chew. Birds all over, bass were biting and the chop breaking was relentless. Of course Uncle Mark caught 2 on his first turn on the rod!! Big Steve ended up with the money fish. Plenty of white meat for all, plenty of laughs on this beautiful fall[1] (2)

Nov 2-3 2015 Tuna over nighter

Finally Mark and his buddies got the weather window that we needed to take the ride off shore. He has been cancelled since early  September,weather and scheduling conflicts. Now we have flat calm seas and expectations are sky high. Setting up on a good temp break, we had what we needed. Mammels, bait and good water, now we neded the tunas. Mahi in the slick once it got dark, provided us withsome action and great eating. The first tuna hooked broke off under the boat, but got the blood flowing. Then it was the usual middle of the night dead time. A small swordfish was hooked and released around 1 am.  By 3, the guys were all heavy eyed, as the fishing continued to be very slow. At 3:10 it happened! A few tuna showed in the slick and the screen came alive and it was game on for 2 1/2 hours. Mark and his guys did a great job hooking and landing 15 nice yft! A beautiful sunrise started the day and once the sun got high, the big yellowfins turned on. They added 4 more nice fish to the box upto 85lbs!! A great trip that almost never[1]

October 24-November 1- 2014

Striper fishing continues to be red hot. Chasing birds, throwing soft plastics and pulling the mo-jo rigs gets the rods bending.Limits are the norm, and some days are better then others. Fish are mixed in size and spread over a very large area. Bass fishing this fall is as good as it gets. Cant help but agree with the possession reductions implemented early in the year along the east coast. There are certainly  more fish then  we have been getting the past few fall seasons.