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APRIL 25, 2016 A Trip that will not be beat!!!

DSCN0327I was approached by Capt Rick from Oswego NY about taking out a couple of wounded heroes from the Gulf War. Without out hesitation myself and my son agreed without learning any of the details. We agreed on a date and we were both very excited to get these men on my boat and into some StripedDSCN0320DSCN0332 Bass. Along on this trip was Capt Rick and Stan who does so much for the wounded heroes getting them involved in the outdoors, hunting big game and small. So with a late start leaving around 9am and the reports having the bass bite very slow, I wanted to show them the Statue of Liberty, of course the Freedom tower in lower Manhattan. IT was here, the site of the TWIN TOWERS 15 YEARS AGO, which so directly changed their life like one cannot imagine. Not one bitter word was spoken and it was time to fish. It did not take too long for the men to get on  the bass. The bass were liking the bunker they were using as they hooked and landed quite a few. Their limit was quickly reached and it was catch and release the rest of the afternoon. IM honored to have these men select me to take them out and try to get them on to some great stripe bass fishing. This is the 2nd trip in a few days that I had a wheel chair on my boat. Both times it worked out great!  GOD BLESS these men and God Bless all the service members some  gave less, some  gave all…….but they all gave for us……..

April 24, 2016 Paul Conforti am Scott Price pm

DSCN0306DSCN0300This day started out with the wind blowing and the temperature far below normal. That did not stop Paul and his family from wanting to go. They held up to the cold air and last then desirable conditions. A few fish early and way to many boats until a found some fish away from the crowd. This crew including Paul’s 2 daughters, brother in law and nephew and dad did great dealing with the cold air and feeling and hooking the bite. Dad caught the biggest that was in the high 30’s only to be released as the striper hotel was fully booked. Little friendly competition between the 2 families made it very interesting and added some juice to this trip with the Conforti’s squeaking out the win. A very nice morning giving what we started out in.

Scott and his crew were celebrating a bachelor party for his brother(Roland Martin). They brought along 4 of their buddies and with the nice weather got into some very good fishing. Not all of the bass got into the boat. Surface actions was very good at times. Some fish were missed others were released from the distance but a fun time had by all. Just little chop busting added to the afternoon and Im not sure anyone was safe from ” no ass” to “stretch”. Even I wore the straw sombrero while cutting the fish. A very nice way to end the weekend…Great bunch of guys again board the Scales n Tales.

April 23, 2016 Gary Lauderman Bass??? You bet

DSCN0296DSCN0293DSCN0298The first time Gary fished with me they got on a super bite. Of course one would want that all the time. Last time it was hard baits and soft plastics, this day it would be the meat. Super weather, super fun crew and super fishing including bass boiling on the surface, some very good fish being caught and released. Plenty of action, lots of laughs and smiles. Just a awesome afternoon on the water with some very good people.

April 22, 2016 Casey Dixon and Josh

DSCN0282DSCN0285First let me say that Josh is in a wheel chair with limited mobility in his right hand. SO WE WERE DETERMINED TO SHOW HIM A GOOD TIME AND GIVE HIM AT CHANCE OF HOOKING AND LANDING SOME JERSEY STRIPE BASS! Fishing was very good the day before and I was expecting the same for today., What I was not expecting was the fog. SO with limited visibility, I changed gears. Put the hard baits out and within a few minutes the poor rod went off and with little help form my mate Josh had the first bass laying on the deck. We caught 2 more before the fog lifted and my buddy dropped my off some 2 dozen bunkers. that was all we needed as Josh hooked and landed 4 more beauties and Casey added number of nice bass as well. Weather threw a curve ball but these guys hit it out of the park……….A real pleasure to have these  men onboard my boat….

April 22, 2016 Dave Christy Bass until you bust

DSCN0257DSCN0249DSCN0245DSCN0261Dave came from far away last year only to find very slow fishing on his morning trip. When he heard the afternoon trip was very good, he booked this year the whole day. SO with yesterdays disaster, I was hopping that something would change overnight. IT did, after filling the bait tanks, I headed to a new area and found jumbo bass boiling on the surface. Fishing was as good as it gets as Dave and his crew caught and released beautiful sized Stripers one after another. THEY KEPT their limit and had no problem throwing them back. A trip that they were expecting as were I and my son.

April 20, 2016 John Pantano

DSCN0240Once again the weather was great, expectations high as usual. These men are not strangers as they have fished me for a number of years inshore and off. SO this time we changed it up as the fish want the meat instead of the hardball. Fishing was good, not as hot as it has been but still more then adequate for this time of year.

April 17, 2016 Ryan Smith The trip that almost wasn’t!!!!

DSCN0230DSCN0228So now we know not to let Ryan read the calendar. IF not for my son bringing Ryan up on Sundays night trip, this trip was not going to happen. SO after the SNAFU was cleared up Ryan and crew arrived bright and early Tuesday morning to bright sunny skies. Theses  guys got into great fishing last year and expected the same for this trip. The only thing different was out fishing style. This year we fed them the meat. Thats what the bass wanted as they again caught their limit with many fish being released. Just another great day on the water with a bunch of super guys.


April 16, 2016 Frank Ferriera pm bassing

DSCN0224Frank and his crew were very eager to get back out there after the morning trip. They were not disappointed. Fish were biting and the limit was quickly attained with the rest of the fish going back into the bay. SO much fun with the guys as a little chop busting found its way on their great afternoon. Super fishing, good times and plenty of white meat for all.

April 18 2016 Micky and Janice The bass were chewing

DSCN0216DSCN0221Everything fell into place on this trip, super crew, great weather, bait were easy and the bass were hungry. Janice decked the first bass and it was game on. throughout the morning, Micky and Janice hooked and landed many sripers. 4 stayed in the hotel while the rest got to live another day. Nice size fish with JANICE landing the nicest fish of the day which too was released. Just a great day on the water with a super crew on board.