Monthly Archives: May 2016

May 13 2016 pm Al Big Fish Gallo pm bass

Well as if the slow fishing is not bad enough, mother nature turned on the shower. We fished in very heavy rainfall afternoon. I took the ride and we did catch but lost many more then we boated. Lots of laughs with the guys. The fish were biting weird and it doesn’t take much to have the bass spit it out before you can hook them. Big Fish, Steady and the Hitman were humbled this afternoon. Any day now has to learn that one hand one the rod and one hand on the Coors Light is not conducive in setting the hook. Ames needs the bait to stay in the water. Anthony did not even get a chance . Just one of those days. and yes the rain stopped by time we got back to the dock.

May 12 2016 Uncle Mark pm

Took Uncle Mark out again this year along with his crew for some bass fishing. However, after 2 slow trips and having reports of bass in a far away location, I was very eager to make the run. However he had different plans. She needed to be home at 5:30 pm. Talk about having to change plans. SO we did our best and only caught jumbo blues for a few hours before we had to leave. Uncle Mark did catch as did every one else. DSCN0406

May 9 2016 pm Charlie Gallo Bass

The fan got turned on this afternoon and after having the hardest time of the year catching bait, got into some very good action on the anchor with bass and blues. Non stop action in sloppy sea conditions. The guys fished hard and did a great job with multiple hook ups common.DSCN0397