Monthly Archives: June 2016

June 3, 2016 Zempe am Bass

Making up for last week, they were determined to catch a few. thats exactly what they did. We did not have all the lines in and Zempe was tight. We loaded up the hotel on the first drift. Played catch and release before the bite died. Finally they got what the were looking for.DSCN0607

June 2, 2016 Tony Smith am Uncle Chuck pm

Tony and his guys made the effort to get out early and they were rewarded with great action. Big fish smashing the baits before they shutdown. Everyone hooked and landed their share of very nice bass before playing catch n release.

Uncle Chuck and his crew were celebrating Sparkies birthday, got into once again very good fishing. Big bass smashing the baits, multiple fish on at a time.. Lots of laughs, plenty of action and plenty of sweet white meat for all.DSCN0591DSCN0603

May 29 2016 Pete am Big Dan pm

Great weather as pete and his son along with a few of their friends got into very good fishing with Pete catching the money fish , a beautiful spawned out big fish that was released along with a few others due to the fact they had the hotel full. A great morning on the water.

Big Dan after having mother nature cancelling most of trips got into slow passing in very foggy condiments. the bluefish saved the day as they chewed every bait that hit the water. They did manage 2 bass, but we were all disappointed by the weather and the bass fishing.DSCN0552DSCN0561

May 26 2016 pm Uncle Chuck

A easy choice with the steady weather we had, we are going down the beach. It did not take to long for the bass to eat. Everyone had action and it was the best of the year for me. The nice size bass were smashing the baits in super clean water. The bite got better and we left them biting after running out of bait.DSCN0526DSCN0523DSCN0534

May 26 2016 am Bill Davis

I tried going south but the water temp quickly changed my mind. Back to the chunking grounds. It turned out to be the good move. Fishing with a awesome background Bill and his guys filled the hotel with fish to 30lbs.Not quick fishing but a slow grind that turned out to be good enough.DSCN0518

May 25 2016 Trev Smith pm bass

After this mornings trip Im am rolling the dice and giving these guys a chance to hook into the big fish on live bait. It payed off. Not in numbers but in size. A decent amount of hits making 3 stick. Super clean fish, just what the Doctor ordered. Exciting fishing finally.DSCN0509DSCN0513DSCN0507