Monthly Archives: July 2016

July 3 Greg and Chad, from KnG Lodge, Lake Ontario — TUNA!!!!!!

Along with Greg and Chad were Eric and James. Weather forecast was super and the reports were solid. A fairly speedy right out there only to find the BFT waiting. The early morning bite was good as they ate the spread for the first few hours. The boats finally shut the bite down and we knew that once they left they would chew again. The early afternoon bite was very good with bigger fish as we could not get all the baits out. Thew guys did great fighting these fish. We had our nice size under and released the rest of these beautiful fish.  What a great trip. Super crew too lots of fun and just little ball busting. Oh yeah, they all needed except for GreDSCN0820DSCN0812DSCN0816g, the vagina belt to land their fish!!!

July 2 Gene and his family.

Easy choice for me as I was going right to where I left them yesterday. It didn’t take long for them to get the hang of it and they all did very good fishing the jigs. The breeze made it a fast drift, but the guys did very good. Once again nothing big but fish to 5lbs.DSCN0810

JUNE 26 – 30 Fluke, Sharks, and Bass

Big Dan got into his final bass trip of the year and found super fishing for the bass. Bob Steady CENTAMORE, elected to go plugging for bass before the scheduled fluke trip. Once again it was super bass fishing and slow fluking. Paul Wilcox got off shore on the first shark trip this year and had decent action with various sharks and ended up on the bass before we got home.Last but not least, Mike H found very slow bass fishing on our last trip of the spring season.DSCN0796DSCN0802DSCN0803