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August 16, 2017 Ian and his quest for tuna

DSCN0898Ian and Tim along with Jason, were at the marina prior to my arrival at 11:15 pm on Monday night. We had planned this trip early in the year and were hopeful mother nature would give us enough window to make the long trip east. Last year she forced us to cancel. Reports were sketchy, however  with the moon almost here, it should open up any day now. My son got all the bases covered, reports, temps,color and of course tackle. We left Twin Lights at 11:45pm with just a slight NW breeze, weather reports have a hard SE coming in between 2-5 pm. Not what we need when we are far offshore. A beautiful ride out with the moon out for most of the trip. We had a 9 rod set a full hour before the early morning darkness gave way to the lavender sky gave way to the great blaze orange fire ball that is so awesome to watch every morn. The anticipation was evident for all of us. A whole lot of nothing for hours did take the edge off. I went further then I had planned but we trolled the 500 line for miles, then across the canyon back to the 100 line down to the 100sq. No signs of life, no bait, to temp breaks, just beautiful blue 82′ water. We found a set of pots off the beaten path. SO we first started trolling around them, and that produced nothing. Also, a SE breeze came on, and its only 9am. Then we got our first hit. WE all were  in the back of my boat ready to clear some lines and change the set, when a very nice White Marlin came up on the port rigger spreader bar. She ate the right squid and provided a very nice aerial show before diving for the deep. All along we figured no way we will boat this fish. Tim got on the rod and did a very good job fighting this fish. After a decent battle my son reached down put her in the boat for a quick pic. That pumped us up enough to troll little longer, but the wind got little harder. Time to try for the Mahi. The first few pots had nothing, but the 4th one we stopped on had some fish, and they were hungry. Jason and Ian hooked up first, Jason’s fish went nuts and jumped and threw the hook. Ian’s did the same, however the hook held fast and he boated a very nice size Mahi. A few dinks before Jason got into another one. This one made it very interesting. A great battle before Jason caught his first Mahi and it was a beauty!! and the SE breeze turned into a stiff wind and it went from calm to 2-4’s with caps and building. The choice was easy and it was time to go. By time we made the tip of Sandy Hook, no one regretted leaving the deep a few hours early. Except for catching any tuna, we had a very good trip with a good crew and a good time had by all.DSCN0893DSCN0895DSCN0897  Ian will have to wait one more year before he gets on the tuna. The 3rd year will be the year……

August 9-12 Fluke

SO Steve Alese gets on the boat for his second trip. the first one was very slow due to too nice and no drift. Today was worse, the heat was terrible, but they managed some nice fish by working hard.John Chernowski found the exact opposite with to fast a drift and rough conditions. Greg Ritzmiller brought his family along for a very nice day on the water with son Jacl catching the big fish and Zemp found the no drift curse and sweltering heat not a good combination.DSCN0879DSCN0883DSCN0887

August 8, 2016 Bob STEADY Centamore Trip of the season so far

BOB along with his crew, Paul, Tom, Al, Diane, and Dean from IOWA was along on this trip. Little did we know when we started out how it was going to end. Not many big fish for mje so far and tough fishing lately had me questioning myself on where I would take this crew. I finally got a north breeze along with the tide that I was looking for all year long. SO we were off and going to fish this spot. Dean started it out with a solid 8lber first fluke. Then it was game on as BOB STEADY put on a clinic. Paul was right behind him boxing his limit with 5 fluke over 5lbs. Everyone did well, even Hitman along with Diane got fish too. By 12:30 we had our 7 man limit and headed for Twin Lights. All beautiful fish, a few got away, just ask AL! Plenty of the sweet white for all as my fillet cooler was as full as it could get. Lots of laughs just little chop breaking broke up the day. Best trip of the year so far in numbers and size. This is just what the Doctor ordered.DSCN0878IMG_20160808_080039IMG_20160808_101033

July 24 -30 Fluke and Tuna

Started out with DOCTOR TOM on the Recovery Room.  Great weather and very good fishing. Bob STEADY and his crew were back out again, Dick Leathery had his annual 2 day trip, Brian Skerlanitz and ZEmp and Tunad On my Buddy Kevins SEA VEE produced both a nice BFT and YFT. Bob’s trip found good fishing. Dick’s trip had decent fishing even though Rich struggled for the first time since fishing with us. Hot weather and slow drifting didn’t help. Neither did the Miller LITE OR THE BOURBON AND COKE. BRIAN HAD THEW SLOW TRIP OF THE WEEK AND ZEMP WAS ONLY OK. We got the BFT on the troll and the YFT on a jig in great conditions to finish out the week.DSCN0855DSCN0857DSCN0860DSCN0861DSCN0863DSCN0866DSCN0871DSCN0873

July 17-23 Fluke bite all week

Had very good weather and for the most part decent fluking. Garry Bohrer, fished 3 days and took home some very nice fillets, Ken Adams finally got out with me ands was not disappointed. Temp had a slow trip and Richy Splash finished the week out with no drift conditions but scratched out a catch thanks to Mike and Franky Scratch.DSCN0843DSCN0846DSCN0847DSCN0851DSCN0852

July 10-16 Fluke all week

DSCN0841Sunday started the week with beautiful weather and slow fluking. A few nice seabags and just a few keepers were all I could find For Rob Lacaze. Bob STEADY Centamore turned things around the very next day with a very nice catch, almost filling the hotel with very nice fish. Steve Alese got into super weather, to super and slow fishing until the SE picked up later in the trip. Frank Ferreira hit it right with a very nice catch for his crew, with SEAN boating his personal best at 7-1/2lbs. Temp and his team had a good friday and worked way to hard to put together a catch. Jerry Sonnie and his guys fished very hard too,and they also boxed a load of very nice fluke.DSCN0829DSCN0831DSCN0833DSCN0834DSCN0836DSCN0839