Monthly Archives: October 2016

OCT 18 -OCT 30 Bass finally arrive!!

Along with the northwest winds and cool temps came the bass. We all knew it would just be a matter of time given all the different baits that are here in great numbers. Chasing flocks of birds and huge schools of bass is some of the most exciting fishing there is. Throwing topwater and soft baits are the ticket this time of year where fish from 25 to 40 inches are in our waters.  I had Joe Grim with his crew out this past Saturday and they had great weather and very nice fishing. The end of the trip found nice big bass on the Mo-jo!!! Then on Sunday I had Uncle Mark, baby Mark, Steve and Joe on board for another very good day on the water. Starting off Chasing the schoolies before looking for the big fish that we had yesterday. Despite their lack of ability, except for baby Mark and Joe, Spastic Mark and Steve did remarkably well with very nice bass, fish to the mid 30’slb range on poppers and soft Shads. When boat traffic beat the bass down, we ended up Mo-joing them once again. Great size fish for this time of year, super exciting fishing and it will only get better. A great day on the water once again with a bunch of guys that love to fish and have fun.  dscn1010dscn1012dscn1011dscn1015dscn1006dscn1008

Sept 17 – 0ct 16 2017 Good and bad

Horrible weather and lack of fish had me cancelling way to many trips. All my tuna trips were pushed off. The inside waters found some of the best run and gun False Albacore fishing in recent memory. Then we had many light tackle trips for Blackfish which are biting in great numbers. Jumbos on the ultra light tackle provide a thrill that I cannot describe. My specialty jigs have caught at this time  at least 16 Togs that are over 10lbs!!!! The guys know the limit is one per person, the jumbos get weighed and then released. We have been harvesting fish in the 5-7lb range. dscn0974dscn0979dscn1004dscn1000dscn0983