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Mike Kaufman Bass

Sunny skies and a cold ocean breeze, lots of boats and a bite that died hours go had me wondering if this is the trip that would hurt. I went way off the beaten path and came across surfacing bass!!  Quickly catching one, and seeing some good size fish got everyone in the game. It was over in 2 minutes. Time for the hard bait and it was a grind as we marked many fish but getting them to chew was very tough. The men stayed in the game as we were catching just enough before it exploded. Searching all over, we came across super readings and they bit. Every rod, 4 on at a time before we switched to jigging and throwing poppers. Surfacing bass, hitting everything, a Captain dream! The smiles on the mens faces said it all….DSCN1088DSCN1090DSCN1092

Tristen Williams bass bite again

Again the men came on time and that made the difference as the fish bit very good early. Doubles for the first hour quickly limiting out and then catch and release before it died. Couldn’t get another bite the last few hours. Plenty of white meat at least and they got to see what good fishing is here.DSCN1087

Gary Lauderman BASS!

Gary has gotten into some very good fishing the past few years, and in different ways. Im going right to the hardball and for me, all I wanted was for some of the boats to leave. With the cold rain, many boats did. Thats all it took as we found plenty of bass that liked what we were  offering. Some ice fish size too. Again it was catch and release as they men did a great job in landing the bass. DSCN1084

Joe Grim Bass bit early

Joe and his crew arrived right on time and that made the difference on this trip. A quick run to the grounds and it was red-hot fishing for about a hour before the boat traffic really killed the bite. They had what they needed and we did play catch and release as the bite went to shit!DSCN1081







Paul Mulotta bass did disappoint!

Paul and his crew look forward to this trip every year. With fishing very good, I am confident the fish will bite once again. The bass liked our hard baits once again. Great action with nice size fish. Hotel was quickly filled once again and it was catch and release. Good times with everyone on board getting in on the action.DSCN1076DSCN1079

Pantano family and bass “ABT”

DSCN1071DSCN1073Water still cold, bass chewing my hard baits, easy choice today. These guys have been fishing with me for years, its always fun. Today would be no different. With the spread out, and the bass biting it didn’t take to long for the chop breaking to begin. The hotel was filled quickly and it was catch and release, multiple hook-ups and lots of fun. Poor Tony was snake bit as the first 4 times he got on the rod, his fish came off. It was then when it was that “ABT” came out. Anybody But Tony on the rod!  GREAT TIME LOTS OF LAUGHS!  I think we left little early due to Danny who had to get back to the marina 10 minutes ago. You have to ask him why……

Rob and Mike and the boys Bass 2017

It was the shakedown trip for the Scales n Tales, we started just little later then usual this year due to my son getting married!!! As we headed towards the bay, you can feel the cold air as the hard SE blew. We had a spot in mind but first had to check out where my buddy had done very well a few hours earlier. Wind against made it a bit sporty and after a hour of NOTHING made a run in hopes of finding something that was worth wild to fish. We didn’t go far when my Furuno lit up. Lines in and it was game on!!! We had 4 on and the crew didn’t very good in boating everyone of the nice size bass. It didn’t take long to fill the hotel with young Matt boating the big fish of the day at 36lbs!! A beauty any time of the year, especially this early in the season. He did a great job fighting the fish as it took almost 200’of line after the hit. It was catch and release until the marks and bites disappeared. As the sun was getting low, and the cold air really taking hold, we all were glad to pull the lines and head for the marina. Did I mention that ROB did his part in releasing a few bass while they were still 150’from my boat???DSCN1063DSCN1067