Monthly Archives: May 2017

May 12 pm Talarico bass finally the curse is broken!!

Ralph just has run into tough fishing for whatever reason. I can have a great catch a few hours before he steps on the boat and once he is on board everything changes. Today was no different except for the end. With my buddies doing very well, we struggled for every bite. Finally at the end Ralph hooks and lands his largest ever and the largest on my boat this year so far.   The curse is broken, for now!!DSCN1144

May 11 pm Uncle Mark Good fishing

Uncle Mark, baby Mark, Steve, little Steve, and Randy were onboard for some serious bass fishing. Nasty chilly conditions did not matter especially to baby Mark,  he wore gloves! Uncle Mark showed the guys who is the boss as he kept his streak alive and did box the big fish of the trip once again.  DDSCN1128DSCN1129DSCN1132DSCN1135DSCN1136ecent action, nice size fish a few laughs and way to much ball breaking filled the afternoon.

April 25 Dan Leonard USOC TV shoot!!!

Capt Rick from Lake Ontario along with his son,Veteran Dennis and his wife Amanda and Dan were onboard to film a segment for the USOC on the Pursuit channel. With the red hot fishing that we are currently experiencing, I was hoping that Dennis and the crew would have good action. Good action was a understatement, all onboard got into very good fishing with good size bass. I great day on the water, even with the clouds and cool temps.DSCN1095