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JULY 2018 mixed bag

Lost many offshore trips due to weather. Had a very good shark trip with Josh Romito and his wife. Fluking was so so. A very weird month to say the least. The middle of the month was the best inshore and off. Got Ryan into a very good YFT! Rich and his crew into 2 back to back fluke trips. Tony and his daughter on her first fluke trip ever also went very good. Zempe and his crew always manages to put it together. Bob Steady Centamore also puts the meat in the box by the end of their trips.

June 30 2018 BFT finally!!

Knowing the hot BFT that is going on offshore and not being able to get in on it very frustrating. Ian and his crew were back in hopes of repeating last years action. Weather was super and the fishing was off the charts!! All casting plugs and swim baits. Exceptional surface action!!! A awesome way for to the start of my bluewater fishing!

May 6-12 2108 Bass everyway!!

Started Sunday morning with Brian Hurst and his crew with surface feeding bass responding to all types of lures! Then the pm trip turned to live bunker for Anthony and his crew, again with great action and exciting strikes as the bass chased the live bait. Then it changed to a red hot 2 rods at time MO-JO bite for the mid week bite. Mother nature threw Jim Andrews a big curve on Saturday morning before we finished very strong on the pm trip.