May 18, 2009 Dave Matrisciano Live bunker – Bass

With yesterdays northwest blow, I could not wait to get on the water. Dave and his men were waiting when we pulled into the marina and in a few minutes we were off to the bait grounds. Both tanks were filled quickly and I decided to try our saturday spot. Birds were all over with fish swirling and every bait got hit as the blues were very hungry. No bass were hooked and I did not have the patience to wait them out so we were off to the southern grounds. (I knew the bass would turn on sometime during the day here). Once we arrived my fish finder was alive, however no bird life and only 1 other boat. Did 3 drifts over very good marks with no results, a move here and there found some blues but still no bass. Then it happened, Mike in the stern had this runoff and the bass dropped the bait, the bunker was intact with no scales and I knew that the men were in the game. Rich had a bass bite, Mike another. Then all the guys had fish on, boating 2 of them with Rich’s fish being the biggest at around 20lbs, Dave had a 18 and the other fish never got to the hook. Next drift a few more bass runoffs before Dave put another bass in the box. Mixed in were a few blues and the for rest of the day we would get a bass bite then nothing. With a cool (cold) north wind blowing along with cool (cold) air temps and no sunshine until we got back to the dock it was far from comfortable on the water. No complaints from the guys as they opted to stay out longer and try and put a few more fish in the box. Another tough trip with just a few fish to show for all of their effort. Fishing will break at my spot once we get some stable weather, and when it does, I plan to be there!!!    To top it off I got a phone call later questioning my move south as the bass started chewing before my Scales n Tales was out of sight from up north,  some days I am the bug, other days the windshield, today I was the bug………….

About Erwin Heinrich

Captain Erwin Heinrich is a United States Coast Guard licensed Captain, and has been fishing the waters of the New York Bight area and Atlantic canyons for over 40 years.