May 28, 2010 Zempe n the “A” team bass am

I know this sounds like a broken record, but there is a reason that these guys have earned the “A” team moniker. All the guys fish hard, fish every minute of the trip, and they are 1 with the bunker! So with some left over bait from last night and numbers not important to the guys as catching a BIG fish, I headed south. I set up the drift over a little piece that usually holds fish and Eddie sets the hook on a solid 30lber, of to a good start. Matt, Uncle Lou, Charlie all hookand land good fish, fish in the middle 30’s before the bite dies. We spent the next hour filling the tank with real fresh bait before returning to the grounds and boxing up the striper hotel. Zempe waited until the end of the game  before sending a nice 36 lb fish to the fillet table. A 4 out of 5 hook up was the perfect way to end the day ! Just a note regarding Uncle Lou (Lou’s Hotdogs), he offered his fish to Zempe all morning long so Zempe could pose for a fish pic……thats the kind of guy he is!!!

About Erwin Heinrich

Captain Erwin Heinrich is a United States Coast Guard licensed Captain, and has been fishing the waters of the New York Bight area and Atlantic canyons for over 40 years.