May 29, 2009 Zempe “Bass” Swing and a miss!!

What a difference a week makes, not in the weather but in the fishing. Last week he was the hero, this week the zero!! First light, baits in, Zempe first bite, fish on, and off. A few minutes later fish on and off, strike 2! Still no one else has had any bites on the bunker. A move here and then it happens, hard take, big runoff Zempe sets the hook (the hook is another story) and fish on. NOw here is when it gets dicey. While fighting this big bass and I mean big ,a “POLISH EAGLE” decides that he wants to eat the bunker that slid up the line. We all knew what was coming, and with one swipe of the beak his fish was gone for ever except for the memory  of that moment. Strike 3 and he was out for the count. Thats when Uncle Lou, Matt and Ricky decided to step to the plate and in short order filled the box with fish to 32 lbs that Uncle Lou (big fish again) handled with expertise, and Zempe’s pride took another hit. Thats how the day went, and after a ride south to fill up on fresh bait and the weather turning nicer, we called it a day to enjoy a “SLOW” ride back to the harbor………. Everyone went home with the white meat, some more then others. Tomorrow I have” King Force” ( do you know who I am?) and “Toys are us Randy”, I can’t wait….. Zempe gets another chance……

About Erwin Heinrich

Captain Erwin Heinrich is a United States Coast Guard licensed Captain, and has been fishing the waters of the New York Bight area and Atlantic canyons for over 40 years.