May 30, 2009 “King” Force Bass on lives ones

4:30 came and went and we were still missing a few fares. When they finally arrived and their gear stowed we shoved off, not before someone had spilled my coffee. Keith was not in the mood for the usual early morning chop breaking so the ride south was a quiet ride except for Zemp’s mumbling about yesterdays trip. Once on the grounds, young Bret Force had his bunker attacked and the hook was set. Jim hooked a small bass on a head, and in a short time we had 2 bass in the box. Then I got the call that we all want and we were into bass, 4 on at a time. Due to technical difficulties, only 1 made to the box. All fisherman pleae take note, line that was bought when Hermans went out of business is no longer good for striper fishing!!! also, keep the drags on the loose side and use your thumb to apply more drag. I won’t name names, but Dale lost a 40 plus bass at boat side due to a overtightened drag.

About Erwin Heinrich

Captain Erwin Heinrich is a United States Coast Guard licensed Captain, and has been fishing the waters of the New York Bight area and Atlantic canyons for over 40 years.