April 19, 2012 Doug and his boys

Having a father and son out the day before, and seeing the Mark and his boys and Scott with his son was going to be a great day no matter what the fishing!  I had Andrew ,Nikko, and Drew ages 7, 7, and 5 on board for a afternoon of Bass fishing. Now if only the bass will bite. The boys were full of enthusiasism as we pulled out of the marina and by time we set the lines had asked a hundred questions about everuything!!  It took only 15 minutes before the first bite and in short time Andrew had landed a fat 17lb bass!!!  That was the only fish for the next 5 hours.  Sure we had some bites on the live bait but no takers. It did not matter to the kids as they fished hard throughout the very slow afternoon. The wind made it uncomfortable at times, but the kids never ever seemed to notice. What a joy to see the young generation enjoying the outdoors, with their dads!!! After what seemed way longer then it was, while some one was sweetening the water the rod bent and Nikko landed our 2nd fish. The boys all lined up to take their turn in making yellow water as the rods bent again and young Drew caught his fish, 5 years old with very little help!  UNREAL, by time the tide ended we had 5 in the box, just enough white meat to go around and a super afternoon except for the slower then normal fishing. 2 days in a row for me with Father and sons on board, it does not get better then this!!!!!!!! I cannot say enough about the boys today other then thankyou for fishing with me,  I had a great day…..

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