April 26, 2012 Paul T Cop

Having a bag full of clams on board, plans of netting bunker, just in case, were quickly put on the back burner when I saw the sea conditions. No problem, I put the fish to sleep a few hours ago and  will start right where we left off. Of course the fish were not there and we had to work hard to get on some fish. The guys in very nasty conditions, did super when we did get the bites and my the end of the trip had the striper hotel 1 fish short of full. Joe thumbs landed the big fish AGAIN!! it was so big that I needed 2 pics to get the whole fish documented, at least it was bigger then a deer I cut for him this past year., but thats another story. As the conditions got worse, so did the fishing. Nasty with some fish is okay, nasty with no fish is no fun and it was decided to head for the barn before the tide change, which should have got the bite going again, but will give us wind against, something that we all did not want to see. So with a box full of white meat called it a day. Sure could have been worse……..

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