August 15-26 Fluking remains solid

There are 2 critical components to fluking! First is mother nature, she needs to provide the right conditions. Second is angler ability! Sure there are days that the fish are committing suicide, but thats not common. With that being said I will say that my fluking has been very good depending on those 2 components. There is no coincidence that my same guys consistently catch over and above their limits,eeven on days that the conditions are very tough. Guys that give up, get tired jigging, are afraid of losing  another jig cannot expect to put the numbers of fluke into the fluke hotel that my”A” teams do. Sometimes I cannot judge the fishing just on the number of fish caught on a given day. Fluking has been very good, if we did not catch on a certain day, most times it is not the fishes fault!!!


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