August 28 crew trip

Just trying to put some white meat in the freezer, so Sal, BIg Vinny C and Zempe headed to the grounds. The first couple of drifts put a few decent keepers in the box before it really turned off. WE would have had 1 more, but someone that will remain nameless insisted on netting his own large fluke. You will never do that again right Sal ??  Big Vinny even tried to make a donation to the fish gods, to no avail. Good Ihad extra rags!!!  We tried here and there fished hard with many different baits only to have the fluke come up short. Sal did try to have his netting mistake count in the total, but Zempe and Big Vinny took care of that with a verbal beat down that should leave Sal scarred.  Any how when the day was finished we all went home with the white meat and Sal did have the most “keepas” and the largest as well.  There will be no living with him now, good the season shuts down next week……….

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