August 30, 2010 BLUEFIN TUNA JIGGIN!!!

Anthony , Sal Bananas, Erwin jr, and Tony headed east to the Tuna grounds in great conditions. Rounding the hook at 4 am I set my course and just a little after sunrise we arrived on the numbers. There were a few other boats there and did not look like they were into anything. My guys dropped their lines and started fishing. Thats when we all noticed that out east , the whales and porpoises were having a feast,and thats where I wanted to be! Once we got there,  I expected great fishing, however it would take awhile until that started. All we could catch were sandeels. My friend was into the fish hard about 25miles away, but I could not, did not want to leave with all that was going on. Patience (I have plenty) paid off when Anthony hooked and landed the first under. Then Sal hooked a good fish which made it into the Tuna Hotel, giving us our over and plenty of Dark meat. Tony got into a few unders, all released, I landed a fish close to 100 that was released along with Anthony’s fish which we photographed prior to releasing. Action was great, a couple of double hook ups when it happened. Setting up on another drift, Sal went into his lunch box and you will never guess what he pulled out. After all my warnings, getting tossed off a boat out of south Jersey, just doesn’t not get it. You might never hear of him again in these reports. Back to the fishing, all of the fish were caught on jigs, Shimano Butterfly, Hammer jigs fished right on the bottom in 180′. It did not matter how they were fished, just give them a little motion, even a dead stick jig hooked a tuna today.   Great day, great fishing, those Tuna can pull!!! 

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