July 8 2017 BFT trip #2 – Ian and his crew

This is Ians 2 try for tuna,last year only Mahi and White Marlin bit for him. With the reports of the big Btfs and seeing them first hand last week, we were determined to get him a tuna bite. A beautiful ride under a moonlit sky got us to the grounds at day break. Lines in and we all expected a bite immediately. That didn’t happen. But it did happen 3 hours after we had our spread out. The center long got bit, the 50 started screaming and it was game on!! 3 guys each got a turn on this fish, and then they got another turn, and another. Finally after a 1-1/2 battle we were able to bring this beautiful tuna on board! High fives, and a well earned celebration lasted for awhile we’ll after this fish was bled and tucked in the bed of crushed ice to ensure the best quality meat this fish provides. Sure enough after we had the spread out it did not take long for the right long rigger goes down. Another very hard battle and the BFT was next to the boat. Not quite as large as the first fish but still very respectable at over 125lbs!! Ian and his men raised the white flag and said they had enough!! can’t blame them.. A super smooth ride in and plenty of celebration once we arrived back at Twin Lights!! not to mention the beautiful BFT fillets…DSCN1277

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