Sept 25 2017 PEI JUMBO BFT 938 lbs 116” long

This trip was planned earlier in the year with Capt Ewen “Sea Run Charters. He runs a 44’11”Provincial thats is as comfortable as it gets. Myself, my son and my buddy Bob, were very excited as we made our way NE. A full days ride got us to Tignish PEI by dinner time. WE were met by the Capt and he did tell us that the fish had scattered today but we will find them no matter where we had to go!!! Despite being tired from the ride, none of us really slept well waiting for the alarm to go off at 4am. Erwin jr and myself have a few Giants under our belts but none over 400lbs. Bob is a BFT virgin!!  I  met Capt Ewen at the Sommerset Saltwater Show 2 years ago and booked him this past March. We shoved off under cloudy skies, and on the way out ,passed the fish house where they were unloading huge BFT that filled the flatbed pickup truck, just amazingly huge!!! Our first stop was on the bait groundsmwhere I showed the kids how to catch Boston Mackeral!! They caught one at a time, I was catching 4 at a time! Old bull, young bull…   Then it was off looking for these jumbos. It did not take to long before we came across these fish smashing bait on the surface. However they didn’t bite. They came up pretty often, but we could not get them interested in eating our “Special” Spreader Bar. Capt Ewen was getting just little frustrated with the chances we were getting and no bites. My son and I were used to this this year, but this was spectacular to see these animals airing out!!! Plus not one of use were going to hoist the white flag, no way. As the day went on the fish stayed up longer and the schools got bigger. I have videos that are off the charts!! At one time we had fish on both sides of the boat and between the stern and the bar with no bites.  Thats when I was saying to myself ” self that was our best shot today, how many will we get?” The ball breaking was relentless and by early afternoon, there were tuna everywhere we looked. The fleet, which consisted of maybe 3 boats were all having the same results. Then it happened— Capt Ewen, whenever stopped working, headed us to a tremendous flock of Gulls and Gannets which were working over acres of Giant Bluefin Tuna!! These fish stayed on the surfaced as we got close and we all felt this was our best chance so far. However as we got halfway through this school and nothing happened I said if”I wouldn’t believe this if I didn’t see it for myself” when a few Tuna got behind the bar and started chasing it. Thats when from underneath, the big one ate!! The 130 started screaming as the line just peeled off the reel!!   Bob got on the fish first but lasted 8 minutes before he gave the rod up to Jr. The Capt did everything he could to assist in getting the upper hand. Once Bob recovered, Jr gave him the rod being he never caught a BFT before. We knew the fish was big, even when we got him near the boat, still black back, we did not know just how big, just long. Bob did a great job on the reel and after 1 hour 11 minutes we had the fish along side the boat. Thats when we seen the girth which was enormous. We all took guesses at this fish, I was hoping 750-800, Jeremy the mate said well into the 800’s. Only way to know for sure was when it hit the scale. The official weight  938 – 116” long!! A true jumbo- A great experience!! A memory that will last for a very long time……Anyone interested in fishing with Capt Ewen, I have all the info.This is a fish of a lifetime……







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Captain Erwin Heinrich is a United States Coast Guard licensed Captain, and has been fishing the waters of the New York Bight area and Atlantic canyons for over 40 years.

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